Building permits

A building permit is usually needed in order to be able to build a greenhouse, company concourse, buffer tank, cogeneration building or other construction. The procedure for this building permit and the requirements set for the application are laid down in various legal regulations and provisions which vary from country to country and from state to state.

Your project will be translated into a clear and precise building application including all necessary parts like: floor plans, construction calculations, construction physical calculations, fire load calculations and all other relevant reports. Because Looije Agro Technics employs its own draughtsmen and architects, things will be kept as simple as possible and we will do exactly what is necessary for your permit application project: nothing more, but also nothing less.

At an early stage contact will be made, if necessary, with local experts such as architects, designers or technical plan testers. The strength and name of local experts will then be bundled together with the solid (greenhouse) market gardening expertise of Looije Agro Technics. This will result in the perfect combination.