“Most people don’t intend to fail; they just don’t succeed in making a good plan.”

To make a good plan or design you need knowledge. Knowledge of what you find important. What wishes, requirements and ideas do you have in mind? And what are your expectations and what are you capable of?

Staff from the ‘Project preparation’ department will pump you for information so as to be able to describe your idea clearly. And what is more, we will hold up a mirror to you at set intervals. Is this exactly what you want? Where do you want your company to be in 5 years? And how do you see your company in, for example, 15 years

We consider it a challenge to be the best in the field of (greenhouse) market gardening. We also want to know exactly what is happening in the market, but we work completely independently of suppliers or market operators. By combining all these qualities, we are good at giving clear, down-to-earth but above all competent and independent advice.

If needed, we will first carry out a feasibility study prior to drafting a design. All discussions with you will ultimately result in a well-considered and complete plan. Subsequently your project will be able to be divided up into logical units and for each unit we will be able to make an accurate project description on the basis of which tenders can be requested.