Project guidance

As the basis of a project Looije Agro Technics uses a well-considered and complete plan. We will formulate the wishes and requirements you have with regard to a project or part of a project clearly and neatly in a detailed ‘project description’. This comprehensive description tells your suppliers exactly what they need to offer.

Owing to the unambiguous project description and the accompanying explanatory drawings, the tenders from the suppliers and fitters you choose will often be fairly equal. In order to compare one offer with another optimally, however, our staff from the ‘project preparation’ department will run through the tenders meticulously and will put additional questions that are just as long to suppliers and fitters until all tenders are actually comparable. Subsequently you will be able to see in a clear overview exactly what will be supplied at what price. The tender comparison is an excellent tool for you and also serves as contracting advice.

Our project preparation team knows the market gardening market like no other and they will further assist you in the purchasing talks. Because they are involved on a daily basis with the purchases of these kind of projects, you will be bringing on board the practical experience of many dozens of similar projects during the purchasing talks. In this way you will pay the best prices for your project and prevent mistakes.

The fact that Looije Agro Technics works completely independently of suppliers or fitters means that in all cases you will be getting ‘pure’ advice. We are sitting on your side of the fence and consider your project to be one of our own!