Feasibility study

‘Look before you leap.’ An operator regularly takes decisions on the basis of intuition. But a ‘feeling’ is naturally not enough when it is a matter of considerable investments and consequences. For that reason, in larger new-build projects or expansions Looije Agro Technics often carries out a feasibility study first at the request of the client.

With this, your project is not yet dealt with in full depth, but your wishes and requirements, and also all relevant capabilities and possible obstacles, are carefully charted. Each project and each purchase that Looije Agro Technics already supervised was processed by us in the form of anonymized indicators in a database. Owing to years of experience we now have the most extensive and accurate figures in the field of greenhouse market gardening projects. As a result of this we are in an excellent position to supply reliable, comparable project information and to make accurate estimates for the benefit of your project.

But a feasibility study is more than this: even the functional feasibility and practicability (will it work?) and various legal requirements (including zoning plan, water and nature legislation and suchlike) are involved in the study. Based on the feasibility study you’ll know exactly where to start.