Guidance ordering and purchasing cogeneration equipment

A greenhouse market gardening company’s energy supply is considered by many to be the heart of the company. As soon as a design actually begins to take shape, the energy specialists from Looije Agro Technics set to work. They take stock of the energy requirements of the company and specific solution directions.

Since the liberalization of the energy market, for many greenhouse market gardening companies the use of one’s own cogeneration equipment has turned out to be a necessary choice in order to contribute to the company’s efficiency. Within our team our energy specialists will calculate your specific situation. On the basis of a comprehensive project description suppliers will be asked to produce tenders for your specific site plan. After the tenders are in, they will be made equivalent and we will produce contracting advice for you on the basis of an estimate of cost-effectiveness.

If desired, we will also lead the negotiations and purchasing discussions together with you and we will take responsibility for correctly and accurately recording all agreements with the supplier selected by you. The independence of Looije Agro Technics is your guarantee that your interests are central throughout the process.