Guidance ordering and purchasing greenhouses

While to the layman it seems as though there is only one kind of greenhouse, you know better: one greenhouse is not the same as another! In consultation with you, the specialists of Looije Agro Technics will put together a plan based around a greenhouse that exactly fits in with your cultivation wishes and capabilities.

There are many suppliers and greenhouse builders, each with their own points of interest and capabilities. Precisely because we work independently of suppliers and greenhouse builders we can consider with you like no other which market developments are just interesting for you and which developments fit in optimally with your wishes, requirements and capabilities.

On the basis of a detailed project description tailor-made for you, various suppliers and greenhouse builders (chosen by you!) will be instructed. The tenders produced will be compared carefully with each other. In this phase we make sure that all tenders are made equivalent and we produce contracting advice.

Ultimately you are the one giving the assignment, and we will ensure that the agreements between you and the supplier or greenhouse builder are correctly recorded. This prevents much lack of clarity and exasperation during the implementation phase.