Logistical systems in the greenhouse and company concourse

Looije Agro Technics is active in both the commercial growing of foodstuffs and in the other market gardening sectors. Every sector has its own logistical solutions to do with potting, transporting, processing and sorting and making them ready for delivery. Consider, for example, container systems, automatic harvest carts, hanging or underground conveyors, fully automatic sorting systems and suchlike.

With ample knowledge of all available technologies and possibilities, a logistical scheme will be made for your specific question that fits in with your wishes and capabilities. The plan is unique to your company. No two plans are the same.

Your interests come first when developing a logistical plan. In some cases, components are used in the logistical plan that are already standardly available on the market for your line of business and are brought together in a certain way. In other cases, it may turn out that a bespoke solution has to be developed and made.

At first we will develop concepts and comprehensive functional descriptions and drawings before asking suppliers to make an offer. This prevents the engineering of a system getting sullied by the commercial interests of one or more suppliers. In this way Looije Agro Technics has been at the forefront of many new systems in market gardening, including the revolutionary cultivation of pot plants and herbs on narrow, movable cultivation gutters. But even the ‘normal’ layout of a tomato, pepper or other market gardening company is challenging and responsible work.

Because there is an enormous amount of overlap between the layout and implementation of a logistical system and the building of the greenhouse, office space and other market gardening-related equipment in the greenhouse, the project staff for the ‘logistical systems’ unit will work closely with the project preparation team from the other areas of special attention.