Guidance ordering and purchasing utility equipment

As a rule, a modern greenhouse market gardening company cannot go without gas. Looije Agro Technics will take care of your request and then guide the whole process of planning, contact with the supplier, building management and getting the connection up and running. Because of our knowledge and experience with the energy companies, our specialists are able to consult quickly and competently with the account managers of the energy companies on the utility connections.

In addition to this, a modern greenhouse market gardening company often uses a considerable amount of electricity. If lighting is also used or if electricity is generated (with cogeneration or similar equipment) then a sufficiently large, full electrical connection is necessary. The exact location of medium-voltage room, transformer stations, the precise wiring route, the control structure and suchlike are factors that influence the purchase and usage of your systems. If desired for projects, we will take care of the complete preparation and building management of these kind of connections, from first contact with a network operator to delivery of a working installation.

In many cases, there is close cooperation with the specialists from our energy department to put in place or have put in place exactly those connections that fit in with your company or desire for expansion.

Other things too, such as water supply, sewage, telephone, cable and all other connections imaginable will, if desired, be incorporated, applied for and directed in the project planning and preparation by the specialists from the project guidance department. It is not for nothing that the company slogan is: ‘well-considered and complete’.