Guidance ordering and purchasing market gardening machinery

A diverse array of equipment is employed in a greenhouse market gardening company. There is both equipment that is oriented towards creating the correct cultivation climate (for example, heating, screens, CO2, watering technology, assimilation lighting and suchlike) and apparatus oriented towards cultivation (hanging cultivation gutters, transport systems, sorting systems and suchlike).

Our specialists have knowledge of all current systems put into action in (greenhouse) market gardening. When developing your plan, we try to connect up to systems that have added value for your project. In some cases this may be done by making use of one or several standard solutions, in other cases a special solution has to be devised and developed.

On the basis of a detailed project description tailor-made for you, various suppliers will be instructed. The tenders produced will be compared carefully with each other. In this phase we make sure that all tenders are made equivalent and we produce contracting advice.

Ultimately you are the one giving the assignment, and we will ensure that the agreements between you and the supplier or greenhouse builder are correctly recorded. This prevents much lack of clarity and exasperation during the implementation phase. After this we can also, if desired, guide the building planning and implementation at your building location.