Construction checks

Every construction project is made or broken by regular and structural coordination and checks as to whether all parties involved are in correct compliance with the agreements made. For that reason, the external service project staff of Looije Agro Technics will see to it that, in line with the agreements, there is amply sufficient physical supervision of construction (on-site). If the work requires (for example, for pouring concrete or intensive groundwork) or if the client wishes, then the construction checks can even take place daily or non-stop.

Part of construction supervision is that samples of all relevant building materials are taken by our project staff in spot checks so as to monitor the quality and suitability. Consider, for example, the taking of glass samples in order to test translucence or steel samples in order to monitor quality and thickness. Our project staff are familiar with the various assembly requirements of all technology specific to market gardening. For this reason, even the way in which suppliers deliver, store or put together their materials is followed critically and, if necessary, the suppliers involved will be addressed on faults. The motto here is: ‘Trust is good, checks are better!’

In addition, the external service project staff of Looije Agro Technics are also, because of their physical presence, the point of contact for questions from your suppliers or (sub)contractors.