Getting site ready for building

Getting a site ready for building is step one in the preparation of the actual construction. The groundwork is carried out based on the drawings prepared by Looije Agro Technics. With the aid of software specially written for this purpose, work can be done on supply or removal of earth or even with a so-called ‘self-contained ground balance’ (reuse of earth). In this way, the earth that comes out or that is just necessary for the digging of basins, loading pit, camber and slope for the greenhouse can be calculated as precisely as possible.

Even when groundwork is outsourced, exactly what needs to be done is carefully described. Subsequently the contractors or diggers you choose are able to submit a tender based on the detailed project description. After receiving the tenders we will see to it that all offers are made comparable. If necessary for this we will ask additional questions. In the end we will give contracting advice and assist with setting down the agreements contractually. Finally we will ensure that these agreements are also complied with in practice.

Work in the field is coordinated by our external service team and it will be checked whether everything is happening as agreed. To this end, test measurements will be carried out in the manner of spot checks with the aid of specialist surveying equipment. Only if the measurements, height, compaction and such aspects of groundwork have been carried out properly can construction of your project start successfully. The motto here is ‘To measure is to know and what’s agreed is agreed!’