Calculation utilization cogeneration units

Since the liberalization of the energy market, usage of their own cogeneration unit has turned out to be a good choice for many greenhouse market gardening companies to deal with their own energy needs and to contribute to company efficiency by recycling energy. Within Looije Agro Technics a team of energy specialists will calculate your specific situation:

When purchasing a cogeneration unit it is not only the investment that is important. In a simulation model developed by Looije Agro Technics, the cost-effectiveness of the cogeneration unit is calculated. In this calculation, the costs of the investments for the cogeneration system, network connections and all other costs are incorporated. Even possible subsidies and energy prices are entered into the calculations in order to work out the cost-effectiveness.

On the basis of your historical gas use, and depending on your cultivation, the usage of your cogeneration unit will be determined. Our energy specialists can also provide a funding report for your bank or money issuer.