Permits and regulations

All kinds of legislation and regulations go together with new build, renovation or development of a greenhouse market gardening company. Consider, for example, building permits, alterations to zoning plans, environmental permits or matters such as fire safety fire safety certificates.

Whereas an operator once ‘just did’ such things, this is now nearly impossible in practice: to be able to appear before a council, fire service, or water board as a full-fledged discussion partner, you have to be fully informed of all rules and regulations. And those rules change regularly. What has to be done one way today could be superseded tomorrow by new regulations.

Looije Agro Technics has a separate ‘Permits and regulations’ department that supports greenhouse market gardening companies in all areas where permits or regulations play a role. Due to the workers here having both ample market gardening experience and relevant knowledge of the regulations in the Netherlands and all other countries where Looije Agro Technics is active, they can be the bridge between your companies and the regulatory bodies. The clear and down-to-earth language and practical approach of our staff appeals to many operators in (greenhouse) market gardening.

If your specific project requires it, a partnership will be set up with (for example) a local architect or builder. The strength and name of local experts will then be bundled together with the solid (greenhouse) market gardening expertise of Looije Agro Technics. This will result in the perfect combination.

The basic principle is: ‘Do what needs to be done, nothing more, but also nothing less.’