Land surveying

Looije Agro Technics possesses its own staff and sophisticated equipment for carrying out land surveying: the working range covers ‘simple’ questions such as surface measurements or site measurements to sophisticated profile measurements, determination of water level, triangulation measurements and suchlike. In the Netherlands, we have direct access to the digital systems of the Kadaster (land registry office), so that measurements can be made on the basis of current cadastral data. Our surveyors are familiar with specific Dutch systems and coordinate systems, but also with the specific agreements and measuring systems in other European countries.

Are you intending to purchase a site or do you want to know whether your site is suitable for building a project with specific measurements or requirements? The measurements take place independently and give a clear answer to all questions arising.

The surveying drawings, profile drawings and calculations form a good starting base for the designers of your project. Besides this, our land surveyors also regularly monitor all kind of groundwork activities in the field. The surveyors’ motto is: ‘Trust is good, measuring is better!’